Manganese Removal

How it works and how SpringSoft can help you.

Firstly, manganese removal from private wells, when the level of manganese is very high, can be a tricky process.

If you have low levels of manganese in the water it can be treated in much the same way as you would treat for limescale and at a relatively low cost.

When considering manganese removal when the levels are very high there is often need for another stage or two pre-filtration. When attempting manganese removal at a high level you must aerate the water in order for oxygen to be introduced.

This simply means that by allowing air in you are allowing the manganese to oxidise and physical show itself in the water, thereby allowing us to filtrate it more successfully.

Important Considerations

1. Ensure the company you choose has a knowledge of the level of manganese in your water – if they did not ask you for this it is very unlikely they understand your needs and could suggest an unsuitable manganese removal system.

2. You may be eligible for a Grant, from your local county council, for a manganese removal system if you are on a private well and meet certain requirements.

SpringSoft have vast experience in guiding our customers through this process successfully.

Step 1
The first step for you if you are considering manganese removal system is to have you water tested by an accredited lab. You can organise to have this done yourself or get in touch and we can organise it for you.

If you are organising the test yourself feel free to get in touch with us if you need further advice. We operate on a no obligation basis and are happy to provide you with any advice you need.
Step 2
Once you have your water tested you will need to have it analysed by somebody with experience in treating for manganese removal.

Our SpringSoft engineers are happy to do so and again we operate on a no obligation policy. We will take a look at your test results and give you free advice on what system you require based on the results of your water test. Each case of manganese removal will require a system capable of handling the specific level of manganese prevalent in your water supply.
Step 3
Once you have an indication of the system you require for manganese removal we can supply a quote for the equipment and installation and leave you to assess whether it is the manganese removal system for you.