Water Divining

How it works.

Diviners are used by some well water drilling companies or the clients of water well drillers to look for the best location on a plot of land to drill for water. A site ideally needs to be large enough to gain access for a drilling rig, and the diviner has to interpret the whereabouts on usually a half or one acre dwelling site of the precise point where to drill for the vertical borehole to gain access to the water table often hundreds of feet below the land.

Although water tables can often span large geographic areas of hundreds of acres or hundreds of square kilometres, the choice of position to commence drilling in the narrow span of say half an acre is ideally at a point where access and parking of the drilling rig is suitable, and hopefully not a point too close to any buildings especially right below their foundations, or in the vicinity of the sceptic tank or percolation field, or any other inconvenient areas of a site close to pipes or cables or intended routes for pipes or cables. Usually the ideal spot is found.

Ultimately, the exact point of drilling can be chosen by a diviner using a selection of chosen rods, twigs or wires, even some form of crystal suspended on a string to indicate the right spot for access to water hundreds of feet below the site.