Well Drilling

If you are not part of a water supply scheme and are considering a source of water then you might consider digging or boring a well and extracting groundwater. To determine how much water you will need you should allow 230 litres (50 gallons) of water a day for each person in your household. The requirement for your livestock varies from about 140 litres (30 gallons) a day for a dairy cow to about 20 litres (4 gallons) a day for 100 litres. Having determined the total daily requirement you should then see what your peak usage would be because it is this that your well will have to yield without going dry. It is recommended that your hourly well yield be at least one sixth of your daily needs.

The type of well you use will depend to a large extent on the depth to the permanent waterable. You can check this easily using a mechanical excavator.

Once the well is drilled and the yield is tested, the well should be sealed against pollution and disinfected. A few days after disinfecting, you should send a sample of water from your well to the local Health Board for analysis.

Important Considerations

1. Ensure the company you choose has a good reputation. Make sure you have a written contract that specifies the terms and conditions of the drilling agreement.

2.You can organise to have this done yourself or get in touch and we can organise it for you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need further advice. We operate on a no obligation basis and are happy to provide you with any advice you need.