Top 11 reasons to use Spring Soft Systems Ltd.

  1. Spring Soft have the best products on the market

  2. We manufacture our water treatment units in our premises in Kilbeggan and have fully qualified service engineers. We custom build systems to suit your home; a water treatment system that suits one home may not suit all applications.
  3. Spring Soft offer the best value for money

  4. We offer a complete service to our customers, we will do a complete site survey before you buy to establish the equipment needed for your home or business. We give you a full recommendation and cost analysis. We fully install & commission the system. All this is included in the price!
  5. Spring Soft are one of the most experienced in the water treatment industry.

  6. We have more than 20 Years in the water treatment industry.
  7. Spring Soft has completed projects for State Bodies

  8. Spring Soft is proud to say we have worked with State Bodies over the years and as such have become used to meeting high standards & deadlines
  9. All Spring Soft products are fully guaranteed

  10. Our products & service carries a complete guarantee and a five year warranty
  11. Spring Soft offer a complete back up service

  12. We provide a yearly service for all our products. Your water treatment system life expectancy will be extended and the performance will benefit from a yearly service
  13. Spring Soft are fully covered by Public Liability insurance

  14. Make sure any company you deal with has liability insurance; you could be liable if anyone has an accident on your premises! Ask for a copy of their company liability insurance.
  15. Spring Soft are 100 % Irish

  16. We are Irish owned and try to use Irish products and services in our business
  17. Spring Soft is tax compliant

  18. It is always best to use a legitimate company when buying a water treatment system. If they are tax compliant they are more likely to be around in a year or 2. Ask for a tax clearance cert!
  19. You can visit our premises

  20. We have done business here for the best part of the last 20 years. Don’t buy from the back of a van. Where do you go and who do you talk to if you have a problem?
  21. Spring Soft offer free advice and information on all aspects of Water Treatment

  22. You don't have to buy from us, just email or phone for information with no obligation to buy.